I wrote this poem around 15 years ago, when I lost a love. I was 34. This poem is a hopeful plea not to be forgotten. In all likelihood, though, I have been. 

Do you ever think of me
In the stillness of the night?
Is the place I could have lain
lonely, cold and quiet?
When you remember me, I’d like to know:
Is it with pleasure or pain?
Do you long to see me one more time,
To hold me once again?
Have I left my mark upon your life?
Have I changed the way you feel?
Is there a scar upon your heart,
Or a wound that will not heal?
Did I teach you any lessons
And did you learn them well?
Has the cruelty you showed to me
Been replaced by a softer self?
Do you think of fragile moments
Of passion, lust and more?
Have you fused our ardent laughter with
A flash of slamming doors?
So many, many questions
With answers not to be
But there is one thing I can be sure:
You will always remember me.

© Diane Lee

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