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While Diane Lee is predominantly a writer of non-fiction, she does dabble in the short story genre.

I love Diane’s style of writing. I like that I get drawn into the book and I never know where it’s going to take me. The way she paints pictures with her words is fascinating to read. I’m always left wanting more. I really enjoyed The One. Can’t wait for the next one! ~ Anna J.

Diane’s short stories are predominantly available from the Amazon store.

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The One & Two Others

Get three short stories for the price of two!

The One & Two Others - short story collection - Diane LeeIf you’re new to Diane’s writing, this bundle of three stories (The One, That Damn Lift and Must Have Hair) is the ideal, cost-effective introduction to her fiction.

If you’re an avid reader of her non-fiction books—the Love & Other Stuff series—you’ll get a sense of how each genre influences the other.

And if you’ve read one or two of her short stories already, you’ll get the benefit of having all three in the one, convenient volume!

This short story collection is now available on Amazon as a Kindle edition for $2.99.




That Damn Lift

Ross is an unlikely workplace hero who finds the courage to tackle the office bully…

That Damn Lift - Short StoryAfter a corporate takeover that results in new management and his demotion, Ross is biding his time until he retires. Unfit and unhappy that the lift in the building has been out-of-order for longer than necessary, he decides to confront his new boss, Ernestine, a cold woman brought in to manage staff layoffs.

Desperate to make Ernestine understand that the lift is a symbol of change (and not for the better), he commits an act of defiance that both redeems and costs him…

If you’ve ever been downsized, restructured, mergered, redeployed or retrenched (and who hasn’t these days?) then this short story is for you. You’ll cheer for Ross—a most unlikely hero—as he finally finds the courage to say what he thinks.

This short story is now permanently FREE!!


Must Have Hair

What if the love you’ve been searching for is right under your nose?

Must Have Hair - Short StoryMonique, approaching forty and desperate to be a wife and mother, is looking for love in all the wrong places. Adam, an unassuming artist, has been in love with her for three years.

Knowing that time is running out to make his move, Adam decides to share his feelings with Monique… but how can she reconcile the balding artist with the man of her dreams?

If you’ve ever loved someone from a far and wondered if a Happily Ever After is actually possible, then this short story is for you.

This short story is available only on Amazon as a Kindle edition for the bargain price of $1.99.



The One

They say that love doesn’t just appear on your doorstep…

The One - Short StoryWhen Tom Marshall knocks on Paton McLean’s door, she’s sure he is the one for her. Hiring him as a gardener and then a handyman, she keeps him around long enough for their relationship to develop into something more than friendship.

Tom has other ideas about their future, however, and struggles to come to terms with Paton’s certainty that they are meant to be together. It is only in one final karmic twist that Tom realises he’s made the wrong decision…

If you’ve ever loved someone, lost them and wondered if they ever regretted it, then this short story is for you.

This short story is available only on Amazon as a Kindle edition for the ridiculously low price of $1.99.