This is an excerpt from a reflective piece I wrote on Saturday afternoon.

She gifted me a mani-pedi as practice for her nail technician’s course. I told her this is the reason we have children. It was relaxing and quite a role reversal. The child providing care and comfort to the mother, that sort of thing. Her daughter-hands on my mother-feet, stroking and caressing and massaging mirrored my mother-hands on her daughter-back soothing her to sleep as a baby. She would fall asleep, cheek pressed to my shoulder, her mouth slack, breathing shallow and content. Today, her hands almost lulled me to sleep, but I couldn’t quite let go.

She celebrates her five year Being With Her Boyfriend anniversary today. While I told her that anyone can get to five years – hell, even I did! – I’m secretly pleased that she has experienced something I haven’t. While I have spent most of my life unpartnered, her life will, most probably, not be. And where my mother failed to encourage the seeking out of an ideal life partner for me, I have succeeded with her.

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