I’ve bitten the bullet and have decided to also serialise Damage here. As well as designing a cover* (thank you Canva!) before loading up the first installment, I was also forced to think about the story I was telling. What on earth is it about? What is it that I have to say? Why would anyone care? Here’s what I came up with…

Damage - a memoir - Diane LeeBy the time she was 40, Janice Peterson had been married and divorced three times, dragging her children Anne, Grace and Rachel along in her wake. Janice’s daughters somehow survived their dysfunctional, violent childhoods, but the damage caused by their mother’s decisions ricochets and echoes across their adult lives and into their own families.

Now in her fifties, a mother and haunted by her childhood, Anne is on a quest to uncover the family secrets before Alzheimer’s claims Janice and the truth is lost forever.

Spanning three decades, Damage is a semi-autobiographical novel that seeks to understand the impact of one mother’s choices on her daughters, and their attempts to find peace and healing amid the wreckage.

*I sent the cover to my sister and her words were: ‘Wow! That’s great! We looked really happy!’ And that, dear reader, is the point. We were happy. And then we weren’t.

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