Damage - a nemoir - Diane LeeAfter a particular gruelling and disappointing Christmas Day (from an emotional fulfillment perspective), I have decided to attempt to write my memoir, not least because my own daughter needs a history lesson.

This memoir may end up taking the form of a semi-autobiographical novel, mainly because some details may be hard to come by. And if it’s semi-autobiographical, then I can be excused for Making Some Shit Up.

I’ve already come up with the structure:

  • Her – my life from just before I was born until I was 17, which was when I moved out¬†(1962-1980)
  • Me – my life from 17 – 29 during the fabulous 80s (1981-1992)
  • Us – my life from 29 – present day, which includes the birth of my daughter (1993-2014).

I’ll be posting bits and pieces here as I write them.

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