I have to admit I’ve developed a bit of a crush on Travis Fimmel aka Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings!

Every once in a while, she becomes fixated on a handsome man, someone she sees in a TV show or in a movie. There is no magic algorithm for the attraction: indeed, they are men she is not drawn to in real life. Generally, these men are edgy, raw. Anti-heroes. Men of few words. Often blonde.

She wonders why the pull to fictional men is so strong. She has no such need in real life. In her real life, she is strong, resilient, alone. She lives her life, on her terms, doing her own thing. In fact, she can’t imagine moving over to make room for any of the men who cross her path. These men are anything but edgy and raw. Life has shaped them into blancmanges, wobbly and unresolved and resigned to their lots. Hyenas rather than lions.

No wonder Vikings and bikers and vampires and pioneers appeal to her. They are men who could be pretty, but are not. Bearded jaws, arms inked and muscled, eyes demanding their own version of the truth. These fictional men require honesty, an honesty that is missing in the hyenas that prowl through her life.

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